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Columbo: We Know Who You Are


At first listen, we though this band was either eccentrically brilliant or just eccentric. Anything that includes the hook from the Good The Bad And The Ugly and the classic theme from Rhubarb And Custard has got to be something to do with inspired. Maybe not actually inspired, but at least living next door.

The music is a mix of Fun Loving Criminals, Happy Mondays, a splash of ska and some Stereo MCs so we were fascinated to learn more — the Press notes told us this was released in 1999, an unlikely mashup between sought-after dance remixer Trailermen (us neither) and the bass player of UK ska and dub crowd-pleasers Maroon Town.

Columbo were signed by V2 on the basis of their single Rockabilly Bob. But then things went south, promotion stalled and well, you don’t need to be Columbo to work it out.

You can tell it all went pear-shaped early — this album has four versions of Rockabilly Bob to pad it out, so they never even got a full album’s worth of tunes.

Bad Behaviour is the tune that opens with Good The Bad And The Ugly and is very Happy Mondays. Columbo is more reggae, Local Boy is a bit like Robbie Williams’s cover of Bongo Bong (we’d say Manu Chao’s Bongo Bong but we’d sound pretentious). Rockabilly Bob is good, opening an engine sound; it reminded us of Machine Gun Fellatio’s unprintable motorcycle song at first.

It’s a lot of fun, still sounds fresh and is good party music; a bit thin as an album but hopefully at least one track will be a hit this time round.

We know where to buy it:

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