Cerrone: Red Lips


Cerrone is 64 and he’s been quiet for a while but he’s back with this new album.

Fans of Jacko who miss that classic disco era sound and thought it had gone forever are in for a treat. This is music from the time before disco became hundreds of genres, when house music was what you played at home. Dance meant disco, a solid four beats to a bar, and Cerrone was king.

Off The Wall era Jackson is the best reference but any funk / pop / R&B disco hit from the 70s could be referenced.

He ropes in various guests including Nile Rogers and song titles include Ain’t No Party Like A Monday Night, You Only Live Once and Time Machine. With lyrics like “Dancing like I’m James Brown or Michael Jackson” and “when the beat’s hot / my feet go / If my pulse drops / There’s Red Bull” it’s the definition of old school and — references to Kanye and Red Bull aside — could have been released the same week as Saturday Night Fever.

Click here to buy, dancin’ fools…

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