Disturbed: Live at Red Rocks


Disturbed are led by David Draiman, a man with a loud voice and impressive showmanship, to the fore in this live show; he sounds as if he should be doing voice-overs for carpet or double glazing adverts.

This live set reels off all the crowd-pleasers and, given that Disturbed has found a winning formula and sticks to it, there’s not a lot of variation: nu metal/heavy rock with a melodic bent thanks to Draiman’s vocals.

Their surprise (at least to us) hit, a cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s Sound Of Silence features, Draiman’s voice sounding like a lion forced to do a chaffinch impression, but on the whole it’s formulaic rock: Stupefy, Ten Thousand Fists, Stricken, Indestructible, Down With The Sickness all feature.

Fans will love it, the rest of us just say: “Meh!” loudly.


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