Terry Wogan: A Celebration Of Music


This is in aid of Children In Need and Sir Terry is a lately deceased national treasure, so it is impossible to say anything bad.

It’s a double CD collection of Sir Terry’s favourite tunes. There are some proper classics on here, and some very talented people, but the tone of the songs is the same — largely pleasant acoustic offerings. It would sound good in a wine bar playing in the background, as it’s offensive and there are plenty of tunes you know and love. As a CD to sit down and listen to, it’s all a bit samey.

It’s always interesting seeing what these compilations open with: rock compilations always have a Queen song at number one, presumably because anyone looking at the track listing has always heard of Queen, and it helps sell when their name is first track. On this double CD the two lead artists are Michael Bublé and Dolly Parton, followed by Eva Cassidy and the Beach Boys. Even people who don’t know much about music will have heard of those, and that’s who this is aimed at. Sell ‘em a photo of Sir Terry, a warm feeling in the heart and 44 bland songs.

Half the profits go to Children in Need, a minimum of £25,000. It only costs a tenner, so buy it and help a good cause, or donate a fiver to charity and avoid the risk of hearing the closing song, The Floral Dance.

Buy here:

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