Busted: Night Driver


The surprise is not that this is pretty good but the fact that they’re still going — a pop band whose debut came out in 2002.

Charlie Simpson has gone into metal and acoustic pop and is now in the band Once Upon A Dead Man while Matt Willis released a decent solo album and won I’m A Celebrity. The other bloke had his memory wiped and joined the CIA; oh wait that was Jason Bourne — James Bourne was in McBusted and wrote some musicals.

And this is their comeback album, the first new material in 13 years. It’s pretty decent. In its good moments, mostly near the start, it could be Daryl Hall and John Oates, especially the title track. On What You’re On has something of the Daft Punk about it, another track sounds like one of our favourite singers, Texan Bob Schneider. Towards the end, they seem to run out of good ideas but that means returning to the poppier, Busted sound of yore. Overall: not bad at all.

Drive it away here:

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