Joshua Radin: The Fall

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Inoffensive is the word for singer-songwriter Josh, though that doesn’t mean bad, more that he’s Ohio’s answer to Jack Johnson. Remember him? The tree-hugging Hawaiian dude whose pleasant if bland music was everywhere a few years back; when the Review Corner went to surfer central in Devon some children ago, it was the soundtrack to the week, from breakfast in the B&B to the pints of Proper Job at night.

As well as Johnson, in places (High and Low for example) he’s a bit Simon and Garfunkel in his arrangements, themselves no slouches at easy listening soft rock. It’s all nice but nothing you’d really walk around humming.

Johnson made so much money he just messes about helping charity and doing tours of the Hawaiian Islands, but even with charting albums (Simple Times did well and made No 9 in the UK charts) Radin is not in that league, though Wikipedia says he has clocked more than 75 film and television placements of his songs, so he does ok. (Though Radin does good deeds and has been involved with Little Kids Rock, a non-profit that provides music education to schools).

Good musicianship, well played, nice voice; if you ignore any desire for excitement, it’s hard to criticise.

Fall-ow this link:

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