Brian May and Kerry Ellis: Golden Days

review may x1 cong

This is basically the best pub band in the world. You go out for a pint and there’s a band playing covers. The guitarist is ace, though he has a lot of hair and mutters about badgers. His cover of Parisienne Walkways is brilliant but a bit OTT, the Moore/Lynott original beefed up a little too much; the sustain goes on a tad too long, there’s a bit too much infilling. The singer is really good, though. You might pay a fiver the one of CDs they have in a pile on table in one corner of the room.

This is the follow-up to May and Ellis’s first album, which apparently was very successful and saw them tour to packed houses, playing to people a bit too posh to go into a pub and see a real pub band, but who still want to see a covers band bashing out tunes they know.

To be fair, May knows his way round a guitar and Ellis is a celebrated West End actress and singer, and this 13-track album is nothing if not slick. May can afford the best musicians (though not the best designers; the cover is a bit naff).

It’s a varied mix, from the aforementioned Gary Moore track to Amazing Grace, as well as animal right anthem Born Free. For fans of musical theatre and Radio Two.

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