Johnny Lloyd: Eden EP

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This is a few weeks old but still getting played daily in the Review Corner: it’s well worth checking out if you like quality pop.

Lloyd was in Tribes, a band that existed from 2010-13 (they supported the Stones at Hyde Park), so he’s been around the block and learned his stuff.

Opener Running Wild is good, a classy indie track but of a style you’ve heard before, lots going on and a big chorus.

Track two Karnival is where he turns it right up; about as perfect a pop song as you’ll hear, somewhere between Fleetwood Mac, Hall and Oates and a psychedelic pop band like MGMT. Tight verses, chorus straight from 70s rock classic songbook with surfer harmony and nice synths. Traffic is slower but lifted by some synth parping that gives it whomp, and it has a nice balance between quiet and loud. Closer Eden is a quieter acoustic tune; a nice mid-album hiatus on a full album. Buy the whole EP but certainly either of the first three.

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