Papa Roach: Crooked Teeth

review roach x1 cong

Not only are we amazed that Papa Roach are still going, we’re very amazed how good this is. Admittedly, that’s good in the sense that it’s generic melodic, loud stadium-filling cheesy metal. Parts of it could have been on their debut two decades or so ago, but if you accept it for it is, it’s an enjoyable album. What’s not to like? Massive melodic choruses harnessed to (mostly) simple beats and strong vocals. The crowd-pleasers will be the most melodic rockers, but the harder songs are pretty good. There is some rapping and it goes a bit cheesy in places, but it sounds good.

For those who don’t know Papa Roach emerged from the nu metal wave 20 years ago. They haven’t continued at the same level of success as some of their contemporaries such as Kid Rock and Linkin Park, though we’ve not been following too closely. There were worse bands though: Crazy Town anyone?

Talking of other bands, various sections reminded us of other acts, including Kid Rock, for his more recent cheesy radio-friendly rock, and Linkin Park, as well as OPM for some of the more laid-back sections.

Standouts are songs such as Periscope and Help, both of which are at the more melodic end.

A bonus version comes with live tracks.

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