Art of Noise: In Visible Silence

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Art of Noise were momentarily big in the 80s, partly because they had one good song, Close (To The Edit), which the Review Corner bought on a 12” picture disk that looked like a piece of candy Willy Wonka would peddle to small children.

They were odd even then, the label ZTT’s contribution to art, countering their cash cow Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s smutty but danceable hits. Art of Noise were what art students would (and did) do with synth-driven dance, all references to politics and philosophy, while FGTH merely questioned war, repeated Edwin Starr’s question of its usefulness and made a video in which Ronnie and Konstantin had a punch up. (Reagan’s voice on the single is Chris Barrie, aka Arnold Rimmer. Smeg!).

This double CD left us rather baffled. They were a bit arty farty back when arty farty was cool, in the same way that man buns are cool today. As in: you just know people with muns will look at old photos and hang their heads.

Anyway, for the fans, it’s most well-known Art of Noise songs except the good one (Close), including four versions of Peter Gunn, several ft Duane Eddy and one ft Max Headroom. (And there’s another name from the past).

Buy here:

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  1. Philip Quinton

    An ignorant, lazy and factually flawed review. What was the point?

    1. jerobear

      The point is to promote that the album is out, that’s all. And whether readers should spend a tenner on it.
      Clearly, an old fan will see the album is out and buy it regardless, anyone will else will wisely save their money.
      “Factual” – it’s not factual. It’s my opinion. You might have a different opinion. Neither one is right.
      I just reread the review and it’s fair, better that not writing anything at all. I’ts not lazy, I dug out my old vinyl to see if it made me feel any different, but no.
      Too many reviews say everything is brilliant nowadays. I get an average album and look for reviews and it’s apparently better than Bach’s St John Passion and a seminal album, and a month later it’s sold 10 copies.
      Than I get a really good album and it gets no reviews at all and disappears without a trace. Instead of wasting time on old music, buy the St Leonards Horses album, or get into The Barr Brothers, or hunt down the Bazaars.
      Still, I always appreciate angry fans complaining, you SHOULD be passionate about bands you like.
      Are you the sound engineer guy?

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