Wendy Bevan: Rose and Thorn

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Bevan sounds like she’s from the 80s but isn’t. She writes electronic pop that’s rooted in the electronic pop of the late 70s/early 80s, the kind of stuff the geriatric part of the Review Corner bought from A&A’s indie-band shoebox. The sound of early Human League, or even Visage; too arty to be New Romantic but not aiming for hits either.

The drum machine and the synths sound vintage, and she aims for a rather cold monotone that many early indie electro bands favoured. We’ve played this quite a lot, and it’s ok but no more. Even back when this kind of music was popular, this would not have been first division.

She’s got an ethereal voice that sits well with the harsher sound of the electronics, but she veers to the monotone. She’s a photographer and artist; as we said when we reviewed her EP, we’d guess she doesn’t want mass appeal but is more interested in live shows that merge into art installations.

Not bad by any means but possibly for aficionados of 80s synthpop only.

Synth pop over to here to buy it:

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