Too Many T’s: South City

review too many Ts x1 cong

Opener South City Court is not too promising, and neither is Sixty’s Ford until the chorus comes in, rapping about music, sibilantly swearing that the sixties, C60s and Seasick Steve is not their choice: “So we switch to the Beastie Boys”. Ah, they’re Beastie Boys fans and want to pick up where the Boys left off.

Like Rat Boy’s recent CD there are jokey interludes and, rather like Rat Boy, whoever writes the tunes is a talented songsmith as it picks up after the slow start: Diamonds Gold is melodic rap while Neighbours, the standout pop track on the album, is possibly good enough to become their pension plan.

Too Many T’s have apparently built up a strong fan base with their performances and positive vibes, touring all over the UK. The album is a little sprawling and a little too long, but maybe in this age of downloads that’s what it’s about — put out loads and let the fans choose what to buy. It’s entertaining enough and they make a fair bid at being the British Beastie Boys. Once you get their drift, subsequent plays are good fun.

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