The Little Unsaid: Imagined Hymns and Chaingang Mantras

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This is our favourite of four albums we’ve had recently, a fact that would have surprised us at first play.

Lau are the slick stadium band, Dan Walsh the bloke down the pub providing entertainment, The Little Unsaid offer serious music on serious topics. At first hearing, it’s a little intense but it’s compulsive listening. It reminded us in intent of Gravenhurst (aka Nick Talbot RIP); somewhat earnest, but haunting and atmospheric. Where Talbot broke up the sound with guitar noise, The Little Unsaid occasionally break out into tune.

A bit like Talbot, The Little Unsaid seem to be one person, John Elliott, who expresses his deepest emotions in song. Also like Talbot, who suffered badly from epilepsy (and died from it, we think) Talbot has post-traumatic stress disorder after personal events; suffering obviously affects perspective, people seeing the darkness of trauma and accepting more of the truth of life.

Musically, it’s serious and dark in places, occasionally picking up but mostly creating a soundscape to set the lyrics against. It needs to be listened to and appreciated as an album, but opener Imagined Hymn is a good one, as is track two Tumbling Snow, which rouses itself to a catchy chorus, and Let The Desire Back In. And if you like this, try some Gravenhurst.

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