Tigers Jaw: Spin

reivew tigers jaw x1 cong

Tigers Jaw have been going for 12 years. Half the band left a couple of years ago, leaving guitarist Ben Walsh and keyboard player Brianna Collins (both singers). For 2014’s Charmer, the musicians who had left the previous year came back, even though the band was officially a duo.

Spin (technically lower case, spin, but were grammatically correct he’re) is Collins and Walsh’s debut as the main songwriters, and 50% of the time it’s great. Wisely, the 50% of good songs are all early on, so even though it tails off a little towards the end, it’s not so bad.

Musically it’s pop punk, though it’s more pop than punk; closer to Fountains of Wayne than Blink 182.

Opener Follows is great, a driving melodic tune with something of Alkaline Trio about it. Favorite is also good, with a tight pop/rock riff. June features Collins on vocals for the first time, and sounds a bit indie, with a strong chorus.

There’s a run of songs (Blurry Vision, Guardian, Bullet) that are a bit routine, but they’re decent, upbeat efforts and closer Window finishes on high note (not literally), with a hypnotic Death Cab for Cutie-style beat and crowd-pleasing chorus.


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