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Guy Wampa and Justin Percival: Ammut

review done wampa x1 cong

We played this several times knowing nothing about them. It’s slick and commercial; the singer (a Wampa or a Percival, we know not) sounds like the Canadian K-os (released some slick hip hop a decade ago, including Crabbuckit and Love Song), with smooth soulful vocals, and music to match. And despite being electronic, it’s a warm and organic sound. Even with no standout tracks, it’s an enjoyable album.

Turns out they’re not North American and nor are they big acts doing a side project (which we also considered): they’re based in Yorkshire and this is only their second album. Good going, boys. It’s a real shame that reviews proved to be as thin on the ground as Apple’s tax returns, with only two reviews in Yorkshire papers showing up.

One said the music was “rather like a dark fairy tale”, presumably after being told by the band, but if the lyrics are gloomy the music is not. Any fans of K-os (or Buck 65) will find much to like here. For everyone else it’s at least worth a listen if you like a smooth soul/RnB hip hop mix.

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