Camille: Oui

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An album we’ve spent so long listening to, we’ve written 10 reviews mentally; the fact that’s proving so hard to write anything down is itself a review, and perhaps not a terribly good one.

It’s not a bad album by any means. It was recorded over a year in La Chartreuse, a 14th century monastery-turned-artist’s residence in Avignon, and mixes folk, hymns, ballads, pop, lullabies and a cappella. It sounds like Clannad if not on steroids then at least on a vodka and Red Bull.

There are pop tunes and there is melody but it’s all very woolly. We find Lasso quite tolerable and Seeds is pretty good, while Les Loups has a hypnotic vocal intro. Twix reminded us of Paula Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?” Cole, without the bite, the big production, the soaring voice and the power. It’s all a little pedestrian.

Still, if you like gentle electronic pop with whispered and otherwise gentle vocals, and don’t mind a bit of Clannad, it’s probably up your street. It’s been out so long it’s probably discounted now, too.

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