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There’s a couple of albums that have stayed on the Review Corner iPod for ages (Keri Noble’s 2004 album Fearless is the longest survivor); at heart country, they are also bluesy ballads sung by women with crystal clear voices. They don’t advance any genres or break new ground. They’re just strong albums of nice music.

Phoenix-born Andrews is the same. This came out a few weeks back, but we’ve been so busy playing it we forgot to write it up. It’s the kind of album you put on to clear your head, its simple sound and heartfelt vocals washing away the stresses of the day. Music as a comfort blanket.

Opener Woman of Many Colours tells you how it’s going to be, a slow but warming ballad with vocals, acoustic guitar and some piano. The Time sees the full band come in, with lazy steel guitar and a nice chorus. After that it’s more of the same (but never samey): It Keeps Going is more acoustic, Blur Woman is even slower, with piano; it’s nearly gloomy, but with the tranquil gloominess of an open fire in winter.

Standout is perhaps Haven’t Seen It, another full band song, this time with a Neil Young or even Iron and Wine feel to it, a downbeat mini-epic.

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