From The Jam: Live!

review from the jam x1 cong

We’re not really into tribute bands but this one seems pretty good, not least because an original band member is in it.

Former Jam drummer Rick Buckler, then working as an antique furniture restorer and dealer in Woking, formed From The Jam, playing old material from The Jam’s back catalogue. In 2007, Buckler’s former bandmate Bruce Foxton joined on bass. Buckler quit after Paul Weller made it clear there was to be no Jam reunion, not wanting to be in a tribute to his own band. Big Country’s most excellent drummer Mark Brzezicki replaced him.

Foxton continues From The Jam, after a 15-year stint with Stiff Little Fingers. Relations with Weller seem OK: in 2009, Foxton attended the funeral of Weller’s father John (while in the Jam, Foxton discovered The Vapors, and the band was managed by Weller Snr) and he has played with Weller, Weller returning the favour on Foxton’s solo album.

So: classic Jam played well. Even the vocals sound right, given that Foxton sang with Jam and does not sound dissimilar to Weller. Tracks include TP Underground In the City, Down In the Tube Station at Midnight, The Butterfly Collector, Start, David Watts, Going Underground and Eton Rifles, but sadly no Batman.


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