New Kingston: A Kingston Story, Come From Far

review new kingston x1 cong

This came out a while ago. Ok, August. But it’s reggae: it’ll find a ready audience and it all sounds pretty much the same anyway so there’s no rush for a review.

This is the fourth studio album by New Kingston, who are Jamaican by heritage but living in New York: Courtney Panton plays drums, while brother Stephen is on guitar and Tahir on keys. Dad Courtney Sr, who encouraged them to play, is on bass.

They apparently started playing Bob Marley and Earth, Wind and Fire covers and their sound mixes the more chilled Marley with a smatter of funk. There’s a bit of dancehall in places but nothing of the hyper-commercial reggae you hear over the internet on the all-day reggae stations (a good thing). It’s got a nice summery feel and a pleasant vibe, and seems to be an attempt to draw pop fans into reggae.

The lyrics are possibly good, going by the song titles: Honorable And The Beast, Starlight — featuring Pressure Busspipe —Browne’s Interlude, Agape and Stereotypes sound like thoughtful songs.

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