Laura Oakes: Nashville Stole Your Girl (Acoustic EP)

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The title says it all: Nashville, acoustic. It’s acoustic country pop that sounds like it’ll get played on Nashville easy-listenin’ day-time radio, except that Laura is from Liverpool.

If you like pop country, you might have heard of her: this charted at No.2 in the iTunes album country chart on release day. It features four original tracks and one cover, a Reg Dwight original.

It’s a full band (recorded in her adopted home, Leeds) and she has a nice voice, though opener Better in Blue Jeans could be by any decent female singer-songwriter.

The title track is better, dominated by Oakes’s vocal; she has a sugary sweet (in a good way) voice. Glitter is more country pop, as is Lazy, which is a bit slower.

Elton John’s Cage The Songbird (from the Blue album) closes. Nothing new, but she does it nicely.

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