Charlotte Gainsbourg: Rest

review charlotte gainsbourg x1 cong

Critics generally seem to love this, and it’s selling well on Amazon, top 300 or so in CD and digital. One can only assume it’s people with a fondness for nostalgia as it leaves us a little unmoved, sounding as it does like the soundtrack to a 70s French cop film.

The music is mostly gentle pop. Gainsbourg sings the verses in French, the choruses often in English. This can be quite effective, with opener Ring-A-Ring O’Roses having verses from that 70s cop film and a catchy chorus, the lyrics of which are the children’s nursery rhyme.

Standout track is Deadly Valentine, which is cool by anyone’s money. Ring-A-Ring O’Roses is ok.

There’s only so far you can go with average tunes and vocals trying to be winsome. It’s a little dated and a little unvarying, and the couple of good tracks are not enough to rescue it. Still, we could be wildly out: those other reviews and Amazon sales suggest it has got charms for some.

The sleeve reminded us of like Patti Smith’s Horses; if this is deliberate, be warned, the two albums sound nothing alike.


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