White Room: Eight EP

review white room x1 cong

You know it’s a tight budget when your review copy is a CDR with hand-written track titles, but we can’t see the White Room being that cash-strapped for long.

They don’t do anything original, but they do it well. The sound is somewhere between the dance-rock of Kasabian and the more recent psychedelic pop of Flaming Lips. The overall feel is that of an 80s/90s indie rock band, without ever sounding short of ideas of their own. Indie for grown-ups. They’re on Deltasonic and the sound of label-mates The Coral comes through.

They sound intelligent, too, not least for thinking of putting eight tracks on an EP called Eight. We found an interview with frontman Jake Smallwood, who said the songs were about topics such as growth and progression, and people’s “narcissistic obsession with how they are perceived online”. Fans of Primal Scream and The Coral should take a listen.

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