The Go Team: Semicircle

review go team x1 cong

When the Go Team first emerged, we (and lots of other people) loved them: infections, joyous pop/hip hop performed by a lively band, led by a singer called Ninja. We saw them live three times; by the third time we were a bit “meh”, the lack of depth to their tunes soon leaving the listener tired. It’s all a bit never-endingly upbeat.

They never really bettered the debut Thunder, Lightning, Strike and Ian Parton, who writes all the tunes and hires the band, clearly thought it was time for a hiatus. Now he’s back. Old fans will possibly still think “meh” as there’s nothing new, but there’s a new generation of people who never heard The Go! Team before, and the cycle will doubtless repeat.

It’s more soulful than before and we think Mr Parton has spent time listening to Motown and New Orleans’ Hot 8 Brass Band, which (like Go! Team) blends hip-hop, rock and funk; track three Hey! is very H8BB at the start.

Parton has developed a sound of his own and it’s as well done as ever. Worth a listen if you’ve not heard them before; we suspect old fans will find it all a bit the same.

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