Peyton: Sinners Got Soul Too

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Chris Peyton operates in worlds with which we are not familiar, house music and talent shows, though he got his musical start in the church. Raised in the south of the US, he was brought up in a family of Pentecostal preachers and was working as the minister of music for his father’s church by the time he was 17. After moving to the UK to study, he ended up in Ibiza.

He made his name in 2003 when his hit A Higher Place (which is on here) rose up the dance charts worldwide. He’s been called “the undisputed voice of soulful house” and has worked with some of the biggest names in dance.

He appeared on X Factor where he clearly did well — he’s got a great voice — but was booted off in favour of Honey G, a manufactured marketing exercise by Simon Cowell if ever there was on.

This new album is not dance/electronic but soul RnB, with a proper band. He was asked by a friend to write a song for his wife on her 50th birthday and came up with The Way I Love You, a piano-led pop song. All Ways Up was commissioned by the same friend to become the anthem for a charity foundation, while Be My Enough was written by Peyton for his husband on their wedding day.

All this is more interesting than the music. He’s got a soulful voice that is ideally suited to this international brand of RnB/pop, which takes in various dance styles (from house to DnB) along the way. Side one is pretty good, side two drifts off into samey-ness. Still, if you want undemanding dance-pop with some great vocals, it’s worth a listen.

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