David Federmann: Water’s Edge

review federmann x1 cong

We never mock people with geeky hobbies, because for a long time we obsessed over Rob da Bank’s early morning music show: dance, chill-out and acoustic music combining to often glorious effect.

This new album from French jazz aficionado and electronic producer Federmann would have fitted right in. It would have been the first tune Rob played, at 5am: rich, luscious, deep house that would appeal both to those getting up for work and those coming down from clubbing.

The sound doesn’t vary much: layered synths, steady beat, regular spoken sections, all thoroughly chilled. It reminded us of something Everything But The Girl’s Ben Watt would have put out on Buzzin’ Fly Records, his deep house and electronic label. Watt’s compilations were branded “replenishing music for the modern soul,” a tag that would equally well suit this.

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