The Magic Gang: The Magic Gang

review magic gang x1 cong

There’s a long line of bands producing catchy guitar-based pop, to varying degrees of success, on what one could call the Weezer-Echosmith spectrum, Weezer clearly being the daddies, Echosmith truly excellent but less successful. Or there’s Black Kids, who shone brightly but briefly, or Fountains of Wayne. The list goes on. We suspect The Magic Gang love Weezer, given the sleeve and the overall sound.

The Magic Gang are English, but their catchy, upbeat power pop could be from either side of the Atlantic, and it’s impossible to dislike: jangly guitar, lots of melody and harmony, all very life affirming. The songs are complex and layered enough to stay interesting for most of the album, though it tails off a bit towards the end. Very enjoyable though. Try Oh Saki or Getting Along

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