Alexander Bakhchiev, Elena Sorokina: Piano Duet, Vol 2

review piano duet x1 cong

This superb collection of piano pieces is the second part from the series of recordings by the duet of Sorokina and Bakhchiyev; known as the “Golden Duet of Russia” in their native land, apparently.

This album features four sonatas for four hands by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, including the unfinished KV357, and his sonata for two pianos. Mozart was obviously a genius and Bakhchiev and Sorokina are superb players, so the album is a joy.

We reviewed an excellent piano album the other week that was calming and relaxing, but this one is more lively and relaxing. According to the sleeve notes, the opening piece Sonata for Piano four hands in D major, K 381, was written when Mozart was nobbbut a lad, touring Italy; he was 14, and able to write music that is leading the way on CDs 250 years later. The sleeve notes describe it as “rather primitive”, as one pair of hands merely echoes the medley. Sonata for Piano four hands in B flat major, K 358, is more mature, although possibly only a couple of years later. Others — as per the sleeve notes — get progressively more ambitious, but you don’t need to know that: it’s just great piano music played well.

Out on Melodiya, MEL CD1002252.

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