Sarah Blasko: Depth of Field

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This fine pop album has its roots firmly in the 80s, while sounding modern: no dated, overly brassy 80s production here.

The feel of the music reminds us of classic acts such as from Donna Summer to INXS, and even Pictures at 11-era Robert Plant, as well as Kim Carnes’ Bette Davis Eyes, the latter via A Shot; that song and the following Never Let Me Go could both be classic hits by now given different circumstances and a time machine.

It’s not all old school; Heaven Sent recalls her Antipodean fellow Gotye, who specialises in songs that sound simple, but are intricately constructed and memorable. We have read of comparisons with Gary Numan’s recent material, the best he’s ever done; she doesn’t sound like him, but the dirty synth sound is there.

It’s an album that’s best on headphones or in the quiet; it’s got a late-night, edgy feel, despite the slick production, with Blasko putting emotion into every song.

The tunes are all striking, too, and at first play you’re never too sure which way any one song is going to go. Enjoyable pop: for fans of quality acts from INXS to Gotye.

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