Julian and Roman Wasserfuhr: Relaxin’in Ireland

review wasserfuhr bros ireland x1 cong

The emphasis here is on the relaxin’ not the Ireland, so expect no fiddles or jigs. It’s the Irish attitude that inspires the Wasserfuhr, and it’s a nice album for those who like chilled jazz.

We often complain about ill-judged covers of popular songs but the Wasserfuhrs manage cool covers of songs that shouldn’t work on paper, not least a slow Drunken Sailor.

There’s also a smoky, late-night and not-at-all clichéd Moondance (Van Morrison) and a nice cover of Clair (Gilbert O’Sullivan), which you’d be hard to place.

The brothers, who come from the village of Hückeswagen near Cologne, also contribute a number of originals. They relocated to rural Cork, on the south coast of Ireland, to record it and clearly felt at home. They are joined by cellist Jörg Brinkmann.

There’s not a lot of variation, the sound dominated by Julian’s trumpet and flugelhorn (Roman is on piano) but it’s all very late night and stays the right side of easy-listening, (sorry, easy-listenin’).

Out now on ACT 9873-2.

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