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Powersolo: Bo-Peep

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This is one of those odd albums that some people will love, most people will hate (“Has someone been stabbed in there?” a person passing the Review Corner asked as it played).

Powersolo is Kim Jeppesen and the Press notes, which try and make him seem like an enigmatic man with no name, say the album “was conceived, written and partially recorded during an extended weekend as a solitary recluse at the Waikiki of Denmark. One man. One guitar. One kick drum. One microphone. Two bottles of absinthe.”

The sound is from the gothic swamp — think Cramps — though he also reminded us of Jonathan Richman, going his own sweet way. It’s garage rock meets 60s psychedelic surfer drone, with reverb on the guitar and echoey vocals, the kind of music The Simpsons might use on a Halloween special.

He surely can’t expect to be more than a cult act, yet we have an oft-played album from Vincent Black Lightning, Songs From the Underbelly Part II, whose complete avoidance of anything remotely commercial and its endearing lyrics (engineering apprenticeships inspiring one song) make it a treat to listen to. (After some effort, we managed to find out the VBL involved a member of Burnley punk band Notsensibles, Steven Hartley, who is now an accident and emergency doctor).

Bo-Peep’s opener is What’d She Say?, a swirling rock ‘n’ roll tune with mumbled lyrics, guitar that ranges between power riffs and strumming and swirling organ.

Elsewhere, Fifteen Minutes — a heartfelt plea for a quarter of an hour of peace to drink beer — is as endearing (if more raucous than) Vincent Black Lightning, while Lonely Gal is almost commercial, the rapid beat and driving guitar accompanied by growled vocals:

Tarantino could use it for a short, late night car journey. Try Another Town is actually melodic, all the way through, as is the rather good Lost Angeles and The Railthin Brothers Theme. It’s got charm, but probably for garage rock fans only.

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