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The Overtones: The Overtones

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All we can do with this is say it’s out: it is what it is. We’re guessing the target audience is older women, the inclusion of Rockin’ Robin, a hit in either 1958 (original version) or ‘72 (Michael Jackson) indicating a more mature audience.

The sleeve notes write that the music is aimed at people who like singing in the house or the car: what you’re getting is well enunciated popular tunes sung by nice young men.

The album addresses the death of the fifth Overtone, Timmy Matley, who died one of those pointless deaths that young men are wont to do, falling off a balcony while under the influence. What a waste.

The band members seem to be mates — they once all worked together painting and decorating — so must have been devastated. The sleeve notes talk about their loss and there is a moving tribute to him across two pages, and some of the songs look like they’ve been chosen as a tribute, such as I Say A Little Prayer For You, Teardrops, Love Really Hurts Without You and By My Side.

Musically, it’s modern pop meets 1950 doo wop, with some splashes of big band, and impeccable singing.

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