Calva Louise: Rhinoceros

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Who remembers The Subways? They’re still going (playing with the legendary Die Toten Hosen in Germany this summer), but long ago disappeared into their fanbase. They were a fun rock pop band, most notable for having a couple who split romantically but carried on the band. After an initial bursting on the scene they settled down to the circuit of venues that take in Stoke Sugarmill.

The point is: their fans loved them. We knew people who’d go miles to see every gig; the rest of us would not say The Subways were bad, they were just, well, there. Their albums are ok and, and they seem like a nice bunch.

We mention all this because Calva Louise remind us of The Subways. The music is loud and fun; Calva Louise veer more towards a rawer punk side, but there’s plenty of melody. It’s not big or clever but has something more basic; the demand you jump around to it, or at least get a sweat up.

The target audience must be older teens and students who want to drink beer and dance with their mates; they can probably buy merch off the band later. The T shirts will remind them what a good night it was.

The band is not your typical group of suburban lads however: singer Jess Allanic is from Venezuela and plays guitar, Ben Parker of New Zealand drums, and Alizon Taho from France is bassist. Despite the disposable feel of the music, they’re all good musicians and there are plenty of subtleties if you listen for them; it’s DIY but too good to be garage. It’s got no little charm, too.

The title refers to 1950’s avant-garde playwright Eugène Ionesco and his work by the same name, but you knew that.


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