The Good, the Bad and the Queen: Merrie Land

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We got involved with a Twitter discussion this week; an American was fretting that he didn’t like Pink Floyd but felt he should, and where could he start (Wish You Were Here, obvs). We and others told him that he didn’t have to like Pink Floyd, and that we were always unmoved by Bowie and can’t tolerate much Queen.

You can add to the list of bands that passed us by anything by Damon Albarn, not least The Good, the Bad and the Queen. We should like this — not least because legendary Nigerian drummer Tony Allen is in it — but it inspires no feelings whatsoever.
We like most of the 250 albums we review a year and have something to say about 99.4% of them; this is in the 0.6%.

So: this is out; came out in November in fact, and it’s still on sale if you like a bit of Damon. The music is wistful and mainly slow, the Guardian saying of it: “It’s a vision of Britain that crosses a Turner painting with Banksy’s Dismaland theme park”.

It mostly works but all the players seem to be reined in, to allow Damon to deliver his lyrics so we guess even fans might find it a little uneven; although one gushing (and thus probably fake) Amazon review calls it “a masterpiece”, another comments: “a mid-pace shuffle … wintry feel … feels very slow paced.”

Support your local record shop! If you’ve not got one, support us (an independent newspaper) and buy this – after our glowing review – from here:

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