The Mornington Singers: To the Northeast, The Choral Music of John Buckley

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The title suggested something like the Kings Singers, a jolly choir singing jolly tunes, but within a second it’s clear this is not the case: opener Music, When Soft Voices Die is a beautiful and timeless sacred-sounding song, suggestive of sitting in a church listening to music and pondering life and eternity. The only actual religious work is Lux Aeterna, also lovely.

Track two To Sleep is more of the same, though slightly sharper and more modern, a trend that continues into Jabberwocky, although a beast famed for “jaws that bite, the claws that catch” deserves more unsettling music.

Five Two-Part Songs for Children are performed here in Irish, not that it makes much difference; it’s pleasant with an ethereal sound, and sounds fresh; not really for kids though. Three Irish Folk Songs open sounding more Welsh, with a cliched lilt to the sound, the second jolly and English, while To The North is a little bleaker, as befits a land were T shirts are mandatory in the snow; good, nonetheless.

The lyrics are poems from various sources and most songs are in English.

An interesting and not too challenging selection. We guess it’s fairly technical as far as the singing goes, so perhaps any choir singers reading this would find the album educational, too, maybe even inspirational.

Out now on Divine Art, DDA25187.


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