Wallows: Nothing Happens

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Wallows are a bit unfortunate with their page-mates this week: Gary Clark Jr and Fontaines DC are both career-defining CDs, Weezer are Weezer and Wallows, an indie rock trio from Los Angeles, are just pretty good.

They’re a bit like Weezer, sunshine-infused indie and lots of harmony. It’s bouncy and it’s got lots of energy, and it’s good fun. On first listens we thought of Weezer, some pop/punk bands and even Death Cab but while Fontaines DC gets better with every play, by half a dozen plays we realised that Wallows are what they are: maybe the name is a giveaway, and they’re sticking to the shallows of light entertainment.

They can write a catchy tune though: opener Only Fired rolls along like a Stereophonics hit, Treacherous Doctor is breezy and comparatively nuanced, Ice Cold Pool is pretty good, and Scrawny is a standout, a cool tune (but sadly not child friendly, thanks to a sweary chorus).

Nothing great but nothing bad, and undoubtedly a band to enjoy live in a field in the summer. Worth checking out on a streaming service.


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