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Georgie: Live!

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Georgie is new to us; we guess she has a devoted fanbase who love her bluesy vocals.

This is an acoustic set, recorded live at Trinity Church, Nottingham — she’s from Mansfield so it’s practically a home-coming gig.

It’s all about the music. Georgie delivers minimal and deadpan chat between the songs. “This is a song called Life After Fear, I ain’t played this in a long time,” are the opening words on the recording, before she launches into a mature and well-crafted acoustic blues/pop song.

A biography we found said that after blagging her way into pubs underage to play open mic nights, she became popular in her area; one crowd demanded a fourth set from her, causing her to fail the next day’s history GCSE exam due to exhaustion. Happily, Jake Bugg spotted her and she went on tour supporting him.

It’s a meaty album. We’d like to have heard the songs in their original, presumably electric, form first but it stands alone as a body of work, no mean thing for a live album of acoustic songs played by someone you never heard of.

Online reviews compare her voice to Adele and Amy Winehouse but she’s more low-key and organic; there’s no powerful belting out of notes, just a melodic voice that suits the acoustic delivery. You can see why the pub crowd demanded a fourth set.

For fans of Stevie Nicks and Adele.


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