Granfalloon: RGB

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Manchester band Granfalloon must think they’ve made a great album with this, and in many ways they have. It’s clever, varied and draws comparisons with people from Steve Mason to David Bowie, but just fails to hit the mark or contain one great track to draw the listener in.

Opener Year Of The Rooster is nearly that great song, a seductive piece with lots going on and a real sense of anticipation for what might follow. Broken Things is next but instead of moving things on, just slows them down. Lysistra has many good moments as the vocals build but it’s becoming clear the album is not going to deliver the band’s full potential.

The Elephant is also a strong track, with another seductive groove and sense of potential, as is Ambulance.

You feel they’re only one good track (or a top-notch producer) away from a great album, but while this has many appealing moments and a couple of good songs, this is not it.

A frustratingly nearly-great album.

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