Feet: What’s Inside Is More Than Just Ham


Feet like to be quirky; the band is named FEET with capitals, but we’re not playing that game. They like to play games themselves, with songs that sound like other songs but then shoot off in wacky directions.

Good Richard’s Crash Landing sounds — as does more than one song — like early Blur, while track two Ad Blue nicks the bass line — entirely — from Yello’s Oh Yeah, until a wonky guitar comes in and changes it. English Weather melds Blur and Metronomy, Petty Thieving Bryan Adams and Beastie Boys. Overall the sound is that of early indie, just more self-aware. Outer Rim is nicely full-out and loud.

On the upside it’s fun, loud and fast; downside is that the wackiness dial is turned up to 11 and they’re too varied. It gets a bit forgettable in places too. We get the feeling that if they played sensibly they’d sound like Blur, the problem being that Blur already sound like a Blur so it’s a crowded market. On the plus side, it’s a fiver.

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