Cerrone: DNA

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Cerrone, who like a Brazilian footballer just has the one name, is possibly someone you never heard of but you’ll know what he did. He has sold more than 30m albums but only had one real hit, Supernature, back in the 70s. But along the way he helped invent electronic dance/disco, the kind with a banging beat, moaning women and gushing synths. Goldfrapp called an entire album Supernature; Cerrone also influenced LCD Soundsystem and their ilk. Daft Punk made cheesy disco cool again, resurrecting Nile Rodgers and Giorgio Moroder, but Cerrone has remained out of the spotlight. He released a hits album not so long ago but it was a bit meh; Supernature remains great, the rest has not dated well.

Supernature’s lyrics were written by Lene Lovich and foresees an HG Wellsian future when artificial chemicals in agriculture have caused “creatures down below” to emerge and “take their sweet revenge”. This new one kicks off, despite being instrumental, with an environmental message.

It’s all pretty good, and stands as an album in its own right. It’s not Cerrone trading on past glories, but a new piece of work. He’s not changed much, mind. It’s mostly a solid dance beat but the synths wend their way, often sounding like the fancy synth bit in a Pink Floyd song before it gets going, or indeed the fancy synth bit in an Ozric Tentacles song before it gets going. Jean Michel Jarre also springs to mind. Yes, the fancy synth bits in between tracks before he gets going.

This will probably do better in the clubs than in homes, many of tracks good templates for remixes, but if you like old school seventies disco, this is a cut above, and certainly not dated.

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