Primo! Sogni

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We should like Primo! more than we do. They play indie punk in its truest sense, and will sound familiar to any ageing music fans who remember the rise of the DIY ethos, and songs commenting on life.

This being 40+ years since indie first emerged, Primo! are more polished than the original bands but the home-made, stripped down ethos is there.

However, boring is the wrong word but it’s just … lacking. It lacks the aggressive melody of bands like Undertones or Buzzcocks, lacks the edge of Gang of Four and lacks the raw charm of bands like Kleenex. It lacks passion, in fact. We’ve played this over and over in the hope it would fire if not enthusiasm at least an opinion, but no. It’s just meh.
Songs like Best and Fairest have all the elements of a decent song but the parts add up to less than a whole.

Of the better tracks, the sub-Buzzcocks (Spiral Scratch era) Machine is ok, its urgent chorus getting close to being worthwhile. Rolling Stone is potentially good, a Kleenex-style riff reminiscent of being stalked down by a dinosaur and some decent bass.
Present kicks off with the energy of a Stiff Littler Fingers classic but goes a little limp.
The final track, Reverie, suggests the band can do more.

They’re from Oz, perhaps all they lack is growing up in a cold, wet city like Sheffield or Belfast. Still, fans of home-made indie pop might like to give it a go.

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