All Time Low: Wake Up, Sunshine

review all time low x1 cong p33

Life’s been hard just lately so this slice of nostalgia is welcome and pleasant.

All Time Low have been going for years, starting in 2003. While pretty big, they never hit the heights of Blink 182, although many of the Blink hallmarks are here: catchy hooks, drums given some echo before a build-up, rapid fire snare / kick drum work, nasally vocals, catchy hooks.

This is their eighth studio album and they’re not going to start doing anything new but, more than that, they seem to have gone back to their roots, and we can hear many echoes from the early 2000s, notably New Found Glory, whose big hit Sticks and Stones / My Friends Over You came around the time All Time Low were forming.

Fun music evoking memories of a bouncing moshpit, coupled with catchy and likable hooks and melodies: there’s nothing new here but it’s all highly enjoyable.

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