Narrow Head: 12th House Rock

This is a more than a decent album; while they’re not exactly not derivative, they’re also not dull and do sound themselves rather than anyone else.

The sound is a grungy shoegaze, all pretty heavy, though they can do melody. There’s also an air of slacker about it.

Part of the appeal is the live sound: the PR says it was done in 100 takes with no click track, vocal correction or drum samples so it’s got a solid live feel. The sound is basically Deftones-lite, with a similar sound but just less abrasive. The singer has a melodic voice and while he does that nasally grunge whine a lot, he can also sing. Yer’ Song opens and it’s one of the heavier tunes, slower and more riffy, and you almost expect them to start singing the chorus to Black Hole Sun. Songs like Stuttering Stanley are more melodic and almost put us in mind of Ned’s Atomic Dustbin. The title track is shorter, only just over a minute, opening with layers of riffs then speeding up.

It’s hard to pick any standouts: it’s basically the same for 12 songs, although we like Crankcase and the more stoner track, Delano Door. Nodding Off is slower and more like shoegaze, Night Tryst opens with a bass solo and head-bangy section, while Wastrel is acoustic, so it’s not 100% grunge. Best listened to as a complete album and just enjoying the feel of a band making a lot of noise.

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