Kulick: Yelling in a Quiet Neighborhood

We almost decided not to like Kulick on principle; he’s just too cool for school, cheekbones and all that.

We watched a couple of videos and he looks like a yoof from Sarf Laandan, but he appears to be from America. This is surprising: the sound is English commercial indie/pop. He sounds like loads of other bands, from Linkin Park to poppier outfits; on the plus side it sounds nothing like the manufactured X Factor nasally whiny vocals.
The first couple of tracks we heard we loved but repeated plays prove it a little less than the sum of its parts, but still a good pop album.

The first song is Crawling, not the Linkin Park one but with an LP sound; perhaps he’s a fan. Fun is next. It’s slower and more pop, with a bit of a skater air. Lonely is a nice tune, piano based and chilled, while Monster repeats the trick with an acoustic guitar. Rope goes a bit pop punk, while Talking To The Ceiling is a full-band pop song.

The lyrics appear for all heart-on-your-sleeve stuff. It’s all very friendly and what it lacks in originality he makes up for with enthusiasm and energy, and lush production

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