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Peach and Quiet: Just Beyond the Shine

This self-released album from a Vancouver Island duo is a pleasant mix of pop, country and Americana, with a nice organic feel, possibly recorded in minimal takes.
Opener Empty To Fill is a catchy 60s pop tune reminiscent of The Byrds, while the next one up is For My Love, a gentler folk/pop tune with some delicate guitar and the two voices – Jonny Miller and Heather Read – showing why they formed a duo, the harmony seeing them fit together perfectly.
California Way initially appears to date from an Exile-era acoustic Stones recording but ends up being purer country. Shoreline After A Storm is a full band and a deeper sound, the vocals a bit Amy Macdonald. This variation in style is pretty well indicative of the album, which is a nice listen.
Miller is a singer-songwriter and staple of the British Columbia music scene for 30 years. Welsh-born Heather was singing with her dad’s band in legion halls in Ontario, Canada, when she was four, and writing songs when she was seven. She put her music on hold after her childhood but brought it out again when she moved to BC in 2013 and enjoyed what was called a “meteoric rise” in the local folk scene, founding two bands, Wayward Sirens and Clancy’s Front Porch, before meeting Miller in 2019.
Nothing new and not demanding, but very nice.

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