Neil Young – Live At The Cellar Door

Young is gradually to be releasing every recording he ever made, and this one is almost a sister album to Live at Massey Hall 1971, recorded in a larger venue just after Live At The Cellar Door.

There’s a newspaper cutting in the sleeve that contains the headline “Two sides of Neil Young” and this album shows another side of the singer: he can do the big venues, but he can do smaller, intimate shows.

Last time we saw Young he joked (as he fooled around over an intro) that the problem with is songs is that they all sound the same. This is true and you’ve also heard them all 20,000 times. But just as hearing them on Live at Massey Hall was a pleasure, so for this smaller venue, as Young jokes and chats with the audience, in between delivering fine and delicate performances of songs such as Only Love Can Break Your Heart, After The Gold Rush, Bad Fog Of Loneliness, Old Man, Cinnamon Girl and I Am A Child and Down By The River.

A bit like seeing Kate Rusby, the crowd chats and laughs in between songs but is silence with concentration during the songs themselves, which – this being a smaller venue – also sound more intimate on CD.

Maybe one for completists only,  but all his stuff is quality.

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