Parov Stelar – The Art of Sampling

We’ve never heard of Mr Stelar (his mum, Mrs Furender, knows him as Marcus) but he sounds like the European equivalent of Mr Scruff. This is his ninth solo set since 2004. It’s a decent dance/pop album with lots of danceable tunes on it, without going too far into any one genre. Disc one is samples, disc two remixes, some of which are quite tasty.There are slow tunes, fast tunes and, this being European, a bit of electro-swing. Well, quite a lot of the latter. If you play Mr Scruff in the car, or still like to listen to your Rob da Bank/Chris Coco compilations, this is for you. Quite like this.

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Weekly newspaper editor in Cheshire, England. I blog my editorials and the CDs I write about. I play drums, drink coffee, play music, meditate. I hate filling in forms.

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