Polly Scattergood – Arrows

We saw Polly Scattergood at the Latitude festival a few years back. Her mum and dad were in the audience (it was a small stage in the woods) and it was all very nice.

Despite us making the effort to walk all the way over to see her, we could also see why she’s not a household name: her music’s not dull but it’s low key, delicate and nuanced. She’s also prone to gloomy introspection. It’s not One Direction. 

Several years on, and here’s album number two, which is more of the same, though there’s a perhaps a tad more electronics on it. Songs like Subsequently Lost could almost be Pet Shop Boys, though opener Cocoon sees Scattergood living up to the track name and trying to cocoon the listener in her sounds. Falling would be a big electronic dance number if Scattergood wasn’t so glum; it sounds like the music in Twilight movie as the characters dance and the camera swoops round and round and round.

It’s a delicate album and it takes several listens to appreciate its charms. We don’t think she’s going to bother the higher reaches of the charts or be playing the Manchester Arena any time soon, but it’s going to a cult favourite.

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