Rory Gallagher Kickback City


Rory Gallagher: he might be dead, but he’s going to write this review for us. Over you, Rory . . . .

This town could take a child’s smile / And turn it into stone.
Just look right over here / Back up against the wall / Hands on the bottle.
My baby’s done me wrong / You must have guessed it / For tomorrow morning, I’ll take all the blame.
There’s a body in the bay / The cops are taking it away / They said this case was closed / It only shows that you never know / So who are they going to get when the trouble’s got to stop / Here’s my card I’m the continental op / Jane Doe in the bay, now that’s exhibit A / Bloodstains on the dress of the millionairess.
The devil made me do it, do it, do it.

. . . . thanks Rory!

And that — via Kickback City, Sinner Boy, Barley and Grape Rag, Continental Op, and Devil Made Me Do It — is the low-down on the latest album release from Rory’s estate.

Gallagher loved crime noir and many of his songs reflect the seedier side of life. This package — released for Christmas but arriving with us too late — is a double album of crime noir Gallagher tracks, plus a novella (The Lie Factory) by Ian Rankin (Ian Rankin!) based on Gallagher’s tunes, plus artwork from Timothy Truman and a bonus CD of the book narrated by Aidan Quinn.

Kickback City might provide the title track but Continental Op is the backbone of the story, “Bloodstains on the dress of the millionairess” being Rankin’s starting point.

If you’re a Gallagher fan, what’s not to like? It’s beautifully packaged, it sheds light on his lyrics and there’s a live CD that’s as good as any you’ll hear, notably a stonking live version of I Ain’t No Saint.
If you’re not a Gallagher fan: what the heck are you doing with your life? Live CD aside, this might not be the best place to start but it sure is purrty.

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