Get The Blessing – Lope and Antilope


Jazz drumming is too hard for me to play (well, probably, never tried it) but seems to be led by the ride cymbal and not, as in rock, by snare and kick drum.

Get The Blessing is another category (ii) jazz band (see Ant Law, below) but I’d venture to suggest that that difference between them and Ant Law is where the beats fall – it reminded me of jazz/pop crossovers Pig Bag.

The band’s bassist Jim Barr has called them “total outsiders” and while this new album is out on Naim Jazz, it has its roots more in rock as much as jazz. Though it is jazz. And they won a BBC jazz award for best album with All Is Yes.

Lope and Antilope is almost all improvised and – as heard on opener Quiet – the starting point for songs is often sound effects, and the band uses effects pedals to a great degree (another difference to Ant Law and more mainstream jazz).

Mr Barr’s bass guitar is to the fore, another difference to more established jazz, and they’ve got a good sense of humour – witness the punning title and track names like Viking Death Moped. The latter would be a good track to start with – it’s one of the less accessible ones so you like that, you’ll like the rest – and it’s under three minutes long. Or try the opener for something more melodic.

Less entertaining than Ant Law, because it has its feet in two camps, but still interesting.

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