Lucius Wilderwoman

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This is the debut album from the band, who are led by twin vocalists Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig. It’s a hard one to say much about: there’s no obvious lead track and the mix of genres means it doesn’t leave much impression at first. But it’s all good and on a track by track basis, each song is quality. It’s very individual, so on those grounds alone we recommend it. If you want a measuring stick, the female vocalists lend to Rylo Kiley comparisons.

The title track opens and it’s a nice country pop tune, with a horsey clip clop percussion that we think is done by someone doing that sound with their mouths that children do to signify horses. It’s a strong song, despite this. Turn It Round is cool retro sixties girl with clapping hands and a catchy chorus. Go Home is a slower bluesy tune that manages to sound both bluesy and like a fifties female harmony croony pop tune. Hey Doreen, like the title track, is more pop. Nothing Ordinary on the other hand lives up to its name, and is a big, percussive tune (who remembers the The Communards offshoot Banderas?) while Two Of Us On The Run is gentle folk pop.

Musically all over the place but a very clever album – one of those where every second is carefully placed – that’s full of melody and harmony, and could become a bit of a classic. If you want a downside: it’s a bit cloying in places.

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